Trouble in Paradise!

Professor Pester has ravaged Piñata Central and is threatening Piñata parties all over the world!

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise is a thrilling, completely customizable co-op world-building game for the Xbox 360!
  • Play along with your child, or alongside a friend using a second controller.
  • Visit gardens! Up to four players can occupy the same garden on Xbox LIVE.
  • Take charge! Plant grass, trees, sand, and snow, and teach your Piñatas tricks! More than 100 Piñatas can now play, romance, and lock horns.
  • Game online! Create a Player Profile with your stats, then share in-game photos and swap Piñata Vision cards!
  • Hunt for Piñatas in Dessert Desert and the icy Piñarctic.
  • Gain fame on LIVE leaderboards by winning races or displaying your pricey Piñatas.
  • More cool stuff! Hundreds of Piñata accessories, new challenges and mini-games, lots of game modes, and much more!