What is Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise on Xbox 360?

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise is the newest and completely expanded, interactive, and customizable addition to the award-winning Viva Piñata franchise. With full cooperative and online gameplay modes, Trouble in Paradise – created exclusively for the Xbox 360 – is sure to wow beginner and expert gamers alike!

There’s just one problem: Paradise is in BIG trouble! Gardeners of all levels are desperately needed to rebuild the Piñata Central computer, which has been wiped out by Professor Pester and his gang of Ruffians. It’s up to you to trap and train more than 100 Piñatas and save parties around the world!

  • Pimp out your garden with creepy coffins, irresistible Piñata toys, pirates, and dangerous Piñata-shredding machinery (look out!). You can even change the weather!
  • Journey to the blistering Dessert Desert and icy Piñarctic where you trap Piñatas and raise them to full candiosity. As you conquer challenges and help rebuild Langston’s database, you’ll be duly rewarded. But Pester has cunning tricks up his sleeve to trip up even the most experienced gardener!
  • Don’t garden alone! Plug in a second controller and garden with a friend. But beware! A second player can hinder you – or decide to help you, and then be rewarded with magic to heal sick Piñatas or fill your candiosity meter.
  • Visit your friends’ gardens! Up to four players can occupy the same garden on Xbox LIVE. Now your friends are watching, so be sure to build your garden into a masterpiece!
  • Game online! With the new Player Profile feature on vivapinata.com, publish stats, share photos and trade Piñata Vision cards, enter competitions, and much more:
    • Collect and trade cards! With Piñata Vision, you can customize your garden like never before. Hold a Piñata Vision card in front of an Xbox LIVE Vision camera and voila! You’ll have a new Piñata in your garden – or a violent thunderstorm, or maybe your game will switch from daylight to darkness. Get the full deck of Piñata actions and be the envy of fellow gardeners!
    • Share photos! Here’s your chance to brag and swap: While you play, snap pics of the super-valuable Sarsgorilla, the endearing Hoghurt, or that snotty Sour, store them in an album, and share them on Xbox LIVE or right here on vivapinata.com!
    • Win prizes! Really valuable Piñatas earn you a spot on the LIVE leaderboards, where in-game prizes await! Feeling up to a challenge? Race Piñatas from around the world and earn the respect you deserve!
  • Play your way! Veteran strategists and young beginners will love the all-new game modes, including a freeform Just for Fun mode with no need to advance – perfect for new players!

Sound good? Soon you’ll be able to get started on your brand new garden adventure!